The Best Travel Coffee Mugs Of 2018

best travel mugs

I’m a huge fan of great coffee but I don’t always drink my coffee from the kitchen table though. Although I take my time to use the best beans possible, grind my coffee with good equipment, and brew it so that it actual tastes good, I end up taking it on the go a lot – and that means I need at least one really good to-go mug.

I actually have a bunch of great insulated mugs that I use in the home and some others that I use for the road. I’m actually a bit crazy about it. My absolute favorite is my Keurig travel mug of course! Depending on where I’m going and what’s on my to-do list will frequently dictate which mug I use for the day.

I wanted to use this page to summarize which mugs I think are best as of 2014 and what I would use them for. You know, why would I choose one over the other when I have them both sitting in my kitchen cabinet.

I’ve got a lot of insulated tumblers to cover so bare with me. This page will have to be updated frequently and I want it to become a longstanding resource here on the Coffee Snob Batl blog.

In the mean time let me quickly recommend the Thermos Stainless King mug. It’s a really awesome travel tumbler that will keep your coffee hot for a long time. It’s a great all around mug and it’s currently featured on a lot of websites all over the web as one of the best at maintaining hot coffee all day long.

It’s not the mug I always use but it does get used pretty often. Thermos’ website has a lot of info on the technology used in their insulation.

Other mugs that I use include the Contigo West Loop, a tumbler that automatically seals between drinks and the Contigo Randolph which is like the West Loop but has a handle. Other Contigo mugs are equally as good though.

I also love the Oxo Good Grips Travel mug as it doesn’t keep coffee hot so long, makes it easier to drink coffee right out of the coffee pot and finish it in an hour ow two without burning yourself. I also like the drinking lip on the Oxo mug the best. It’s just more comfortable.

Take a look at the other cool Oxo stuff here.

I’ll be expanding on these comments in the near future so I hope you’ll check back for those updated comments when they get posted.

In this industry not a lot changes from year to year. The best mugs from 2013 are the same one’s I like for 2014 but if anything new comes out I’ll be sure to make mention of it.

Thanks for reading!