Do French Press Travel Mugs Make Good Coffee?

French Press Travel MugsThe whole point in using a travel press is to make good french press coffee on the road without have to bring a french press and a travel mug.

This sounds just fine, killing two birds with one stone but the problem I have with this is that a french press will continue extracting even after the plunger is pressed down. If you  make coffee in a travel press, plunge it, and then keep the grind in there it will continue making your coffee more and more bitter as time goes by.

I think it’s far better to just make your coffee in a regular french press, a small one even, and then transfer it to a really good travel mug that way your coffee tastes great. Yeah, this requires two “things” but the coffee will taste a lot better.

Now, that’s not to say french press travel mugs make bad coffee – it’s actually pretty good and comparable to regular┬ápresses. The biggest thing to remember is that over-extraction is a bad thing and that’s what is not good about using the travel press mugs.

Do yourself a favor, get a small travel press and then keep a travel mug on hand. Your coffee will be better.

For more on making good coffee see this pillar post I’ve published on the site: How to Make Really Good Coffee. On that post I show you a handful of ways to make good coffee.

Thanks for reading!